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Consumption has been estimated to represent 60% of global greenhouse gas emissions… (Greenpeace)

Almost 60 million unwanted Christmas presents will be exchanged this year… (Send a Cow charity)



The most uncommon unwanted gifts were:

  1. Bath products, with 38% saying they were unwanted.
  2. Film or box sets, with 18% saying they were unwanted.
  3. Candles, with 16% saying they were unwanted.
  4. Chocolate, with 16% saying it was unwanted.
  5. Socks, with 14% saying they were unwanted.

No Unnecessary Present Pact

This year, let’s stop sending each other gifts that might end up unused, and agree to protect our planet instead. Presence not presents!!

The No Unnecessary Presents Pact (NUPP) campaign is designed to fight back against Christmas commercial pressures.

Find out more or send your own free NUPP email to your friends and family at