Ministers’ Page

The latest monthly letter from our Minister, Revd David Hookins.

Dear Sistersand Brothers,

In a recent edition of ‘i weekend’ Janet Street-Porter compared two teenage girls. One is Greta Thunberg from Sweden,the inspiration behind the international school pupils’ strikes to encourage swifter action on climate change. The other is Shamina Begum from Britain who joined IS in Syria and now wants to return to Britain. Both passionately committed to their causes, some would describe them both as ‘radical’.

The word ‘radical’ has come to mean ‘extreme’ but its origins are inLatin meaning ‘to have roots’. Being radical means returning to the fundamentals.

As we enter Lent I hope and pray that you will become radical about your faith.
I think we need radical Christians, those whose passion for God leads them to love others and to love and care for the wider world.
I think we need radical Christians who can bring healing where there is division and peace where there is violence.I think we need radical Christians whoarefully committed to following the way of God.

Of course, such radical Christians have a model to follow in Jesus. The one who became human and was assailed by all the pressures that we are;yet managed to remain faithful to his call from God. The one who was ultimately executed because of an inflexible religious system and a government that would not take responsibility. Whose death was of no significance to many but was everything to those he loved. Whose followers claimed that three days later he was raised from the dead, this astonishing claim being shared universally by the writers of the New Testament despite them having vast differences in many other areas. The only other area on which they agree, is that the mark of the Christians was to love and that this came from Jesus himself.

DuringLent there are many opportunities to engage in stimulating discussion and to hear interesting presentations. At SMc there will be discussions about the nature of God and aspects of the Christian faith based on parables on Monday evenings and Tuesday afternoons, these will be led by me. Salisbury URC are hosting ‘Movies with a Message’ on Wednesday afternoons. St Thomas’s will be holding their Lunchtime Talkson Tuesdays.All of these can be a one off attendance or a commitment to a number of them.

I hope you will make time to engage with some of these events.This Lent I hope that you will become more radical in your love for God and love for one another, for this divided world desperately needs radical love.

Your brother in Christ,David