Ministers’ Page

The latest monthly letter from our Minister, Revd David Hookins.

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Once more we come to the beginning of the Methodist year on 1stSeptember. This is the date on which new ministers take up their appointments and Circuits start to discover the strengths and weaknesses of who they have received.

Of course nature does not have a ‘first day of the year’; does it start with spring or summer or autumn or winter? These human markers for the course of a year are useful moments for us to consider our lives. Just as it is traditional for us to make resolutions for a new calendar year, so a new Methodist year offers another opportunity to review our spiritual lives and our roles within the local church, circuit and district. In 1 Thessalonians St Paul encourages us to, ‘…encourage one another and build up each other, as indeed you are doing.’ (1 Thessalonians 5.11NRSV).

In what ways are you encouraging and building up one another? By your attendance at prayer meetings, house groups and worship. By your commitment to serve on committees, with refreshments, as a worker in CHYPS or as a pastoral visitor, or with one of our outreach projects.

The church has been likened to an orchestra. In an orchestra each musician is responsible for their own discipline of practice, which is like our personal discipline of prayer and bible study. Each musician is committed to the whole orchestra, in attending both practices and concerts; this is like our commitment to house groups, bible studies, prayer meetings and worship. Each musician has aunique role in the orchestra, this is like responding to God’s call to certain roles within the church and volunteering for those jobs that are needed to serve our church society. When an orchestra performs well it makes a wonderful sound but if one musician is not in the right place fulfilling their role the whole orchestra suffers, the same is true in the church.

We have much to look forward to in this coming year. God continually calls us to move from where we are to where God would have us be, individually and together. May we be ready to respond to God’s call and fulfil God’s will for us in our community.

Your brother in Christ,