Month: April 2020

A Message from Rev. Anna Bishop

Dear sisters and brothers,

It is a regular part of our worshipping life together to join with other local congregations from time to time, and we are so blessed that technology allows us to do this even in lockdown! So this week, my heartfelt thanks, for their hard work in offering worship, to my Methodist colleague well known to you all, Rev’d Steve Hawkes, my local ecumenical colleague, Rev’d Kelvin Inglis, Rector of St Thomas’, and my Connexional colleagues, Rev’d Tony Miles and the team at Central Hall, Westminster. Whether you want to connect with our Circuit community, local 3 Churches community, or Connexional community, there is a service for you this Sunday. And they all remind us that wherever we are we are one body in Christ.

Next week worship will be on our own website again, led by members of our own congregation and a guest preacher, to mark Christian Aid Week.

We’ve now had 5 weeks of lockdown, and I wonder how you are faring. I guess some will have got into a comfortable routine by now, while others may be wondering whether they can stand it for even one more day. However you are feeling, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me and have a chat. I am home-educating Grace and George in the mornings, but I am available every afternoon. Please do get in touch.

I also want to thank our Pastoral Visitors for all that they are doing to keep in touch with everybody and to keep our community together.

Stay safe, everybody. God is with us.

With love,


Easter Day!


 Oh glorious morn, oh wonderful day, Jesus is raised from the dead.

From obedience to glory the work of God completed, the barrier broken,

the curtain rent asunder. We see God in all His awesome holiness and wonder.

Through Jesus, the sacrificial lamb victory is won, the ransom paid, death overcome. The suffering Son, now risen Christ, magnificent in glory in the heavenly trinity entwined, eager to embrace the smallest seed of faith. The gates of Heaven open wide to receive all who will seek and find.   To our God from whom such grace so freely flows we give praise, thanks and honour for the Son who arose.


from Kate Newton

Easter Week Online

We will have two online services:

Good Friday with Rev. Bryan Coates at 10:30am

Easter Day Celebration with Rev. Anna Bishop also at 10:30am

You can also share Compline (evening Prayer) from Anna here

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