Prayer to share on Christmas Eve

Jesus our brother, who bring together human and divine, you are meeting us here and now in this place, in this moment. We pause to remember that the one thing we desire above all others is for you to be with us.

Though we cannot receive you in bread and wine today, be born in our hearts and show us you were already there within us, by your love lighting our darkness from within. Open our eyes to your holy presence in each thing you have created and in every moment you give. As each of your followers does their part where they are, may we all grow together in love and in richer, fuller communion. Make us one with you and with all who love you in every time and place. Help us to feel and to know that we are united as members of your body. With all your people, may we share your risen life, which renews all creation. We offer all that we are to you in love and service, as an act of spiritual worship. Amen.

“Emmanuel, Emmanuel” by Bob McGee is 198 in Singing the Faith.

“Let earth and heaven combine” by Charles Wesley is 208 in Singing the Faith and can be found at: