Coronavirus Update October 2021

From Revd. Bryan Coates

We are watching an alarming rise in the number of daily infections and also a (slower) rise in the numbers of hospitalisations and deaths due to the virus.  The Health Secretary yesterday talked not just of 50,000 infections a day but of even 100,000.  As happened before with the pandemic, the Government seems reluctant to take tough decisions.

While I am sure that the vast majority of our congregations will have had two doses of the vaccine – and some of us a third too, I believe that, as we have said right through the pandemic, our primary concern must be the safety of our people.  I also believe that we have a responsibility to be proactive rather than reactive and, as far as we are able, to be ahead of the curve.

Having consulted members of the Circuit Leadership Team, I am writing to respectfully request and strongly advise that people coming on to our premises for Worship Services and for all indoor activities should wear a mask, use sanitising gel and continue to be mindful of the need for stringent hygiene.   I am not ‘Big Brother’ and there is a sense in which you as Stewards of your own congregation understand your local situation.  However, belonging together in the family of the Circuit, this is my recommendation until we receive more directive guidance.

Best wishes


Bryan Coates Acting Superintendent Minister