Green Grace – October 2020

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.
Luke 12: 34


This is as of late October.

Some of the shops have been told to open full time from Monday 28thSeptember although with many volunteers in the vulnerable category this may not be possible. All the shops mustquarantine donations for 72 hours, and so restrict the quantity that they can accept. Goods should be in a closed bag or box which can be left at the shop.Remember if you are registered with the shop for gift aid,it helps to have your surname and postcode on each bag. – DianaNoble



Please note:
Some of the other shops are struggling to keep up because of a shortage of volunteers and are declining donations at present.

Donations are now being accepted.
Shop currently open Monday-Friday 10-4, after 4 Oct 9.30-4.30 Mon to Sat

The sign says donations only on Tuesday and Thursdays but the manager said anytime.
Shop open Monday-Saturday10-5 Sunday 10-4

British Red CrossShop is currently closed.

British Heart Foundation
Donations for New Canal Street can be placed in bin just inside the door.
Furniture and electrical goods can be taken to back entrance of shop in FishertonStreet.
Shops open Monday to Saturday 9.30-5.30 Sunday 10-4

Cancer Research
Accepting one bag per person.
Shop open Monday to Saturday 9-5.30 and Sunday 10-4

Childrens Society
Accepting donation Wednesday and Saturday 10–3.
Shop open Tuesday to Saturday 10-3

Dogs Trust
Shop is currently closed.

Dorothy HouseHospice
ShopAccepting small donations Wednesday to Saturday from 10am until limit reached.
Shop open Wednesday to Saturday 9.30-4.30

Julia’s House
Donations Monday to Saturday 9-10.
Shop open Monday to Saturday 9-5

Accepting small donations Monday to Friday between 9.30 and 10.15.
Shop open Monday to Friday 10-2

Naomi House and Jack’s Place
Not currently accepting donations.
Shop openMonday to Saturday 9-4.30

Oxfam Bookshop
Shop open Monday to Saturday 9-5

Sue Ryder
Phone to arrange to drop off donations.
Shop open Monday to Saturday 10-4

Trussell Trust
All shops are accepting donations.
Shops open Monday to Saturday 9.30-4



Water filter cartridges can be taken to Sainsbury’s and Well Natural

Plastic bags–Tesco’s have removed their bin. Sainsbury’s still has one

Used Stamps –there’s a box at SMc

Books, CDs DVDs and Games –Ziffit This is a great alternative to Oxfam or wherever if you have a large number to get rid of. You will need a smart phone. Scan the bar code and you will be given a price. (Our neighbour’s CDs made between ‘Sorry, No!’,  50p and £2.50. Some books were 9p!)Instructions are given for packaging up and free collection. The money is transferred to your PayPal account or to a charity of your choice via Virgin Money.

Spectacles –not at Specsavers during covid but I’m checking with charities.

Composting – if you live near the Arts Centre and have no means of composting your vegetable waste you may be able to add it to the compost bins by the ‘Secret Garden’ by Bourne Hall but ask first.

Recycling for good causes – contact Paul Butler for more information.

They accept:

  • foreign and obsolete notes or coins
  • costume jewellery whether whole or broken
  • watches whether working or not
  • mobile phones, tablets, MP3 players and digital cameras[but not landline phones, cables or chargers thank you]

Here are some ways to dispose of items that for some reason you cannot take to a charity shop

I like using this. It’s amazing what some people will appreciate! e.g. I had two cricket helmets which I knew had been hardly used but charity shops are not allowed to sell. I took a photo, posted the details, received a couple of email replies, picked the most convenient one and left them by our back gate on a certain afternoon for collection. It’s aworldwide group designed to keep useable items out of landfill. Each local group is moderated by local volunteers and membership is free.Have a look at the posts to see the sort ofthings that are offered or wanted.

If you have special items to sell then eBay can work for you. Once you understand the system it is very simple but you have to be prepared to link it to a PayPal account, reply to sometimes annoying questions during the period of the auction (usually 7 days) and package your item up shortly after it sells. eBay do help you with this by providing a simple postage guide with discounted prices and at a click will print off the address label with the postage already paid. You choose the price to start the auction at, although eBay do suggest a price based on previous sales. When the item sells,eBay take 10% of the sale price

You can call the council 0300 456 0102to arrange for a collection of a single large item from outside your property.The current charge is £25.30 per item.

Generally you expect the person to come and collect as you don’t want to get involved with delivery. I tried registering and it’s very easy. It has the advantage over eBay in that it is free. ‘For Sale’ ads remain active for 30 days

Sometimes these are the best solution. We had a very large mahogany display cabinet which we sent to Netherhampton. Big old brown furniture does not sell well but the sale did at least cover the cost of the man with a van to get it there-as the auctioneer told us it would
or  Wooley and Wallis.

I don’t know anything about the antique shop in Catherine Street but here are the details
01722 326033