An overview of some of the key dates in our history.

1738 John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, first visits Salisbury to see his mother. This is the first of over 40 more visits during his life.
1746 As a result of John Wesley’s preaching, the first Methodist groups meet at Ditchampton and Greencroft Street.
1759 New preaching house is built in St Edmunds Church Street, John Wesley’s signature appears on original deeds.
1770 Francis Asbury, the founder of American Methodism, is appointed to the Salisbury Circuit as Superintendent.
1771 Francis Asbury attends Methodist Conference in August and responds to Wesley’s appeal for preachers to go to America.
1791 John Wesley preaches in Salisbury for the last time.
1810 Old Church Street chapel is demolished and a new church built on same site.
1835 New Church is enlarged.
1880 School hall is built at the rear of the Chapel.
1932 Methodist Union formally combines Wesleyan, Primitive and United Methodist churches into one church.
1984 Salisbury Methodist Church is formed by the union of Dews Road, Harnham and Church Street congregations.
1992 Salisbury Methodist Church is rebuilt following demolition of the rear premises.