Ukraine Hub – Personal Registration

This form is in response to a meeting of members of the public, community organisations, churches, charities, and members of the Salisbury Co-ordinated Community Response Network (SCCRN) on Friday 1st April at Salisbury Methodist Church (St Edmund’s Church Street) at 5pm.

The initiative is led by Salisbury Methodist Church and Jane Ebel

Expression of support from private individuals :

If you represent an organisation, please click here

    Expression of support from private individuals:
    I should like to register an interest in supporting Ukrainian refugees comming to Salisbury.

    Are you interested in hosting a Ukrainian individual or family?

    Have you already identified a Ukrainian individual or family whom you would like to host?

    Do you speak Russian or Ukrainian?

    Would you be interested in joining the SCCRN? (This role would require a regular commitment of voluntary time) YesNo

    GDPR: this form invites you to share information about yourself, your home situation and/or your employer or voluntary/community organisation, school or charity. Please refer to the guidance at for information about how your data will be stored and used. In addition to reading the general GDPR guidance please complete the following: • I consent to the information on this form being shared with appropriate individuals or organisations on my behalf, by appropriate members of the SCCRN for the sole purposes of supporting Ukrainian refugees seeking support within the Salisbury (South Wiltshire) area.

    Please tick to agree consent

    Thank you for your support in this way.