Worship at Salisbury Methodist Church


To meet the requirements of the Government and the Methodist Church regarding the reopening of the church for worship a Covid Strategy Group has been set up with permission from Church Council. The group consists of: –

Revd Anna Bishop,
Liz Chick,
Nigel Thorne,
Dawn Heslington,
Mike Bath,
Valerie Liversidge,
Nick Rutt,
David Miles,
Jeannette Lake,
Jim Gillings
Katrina Dixon.

The first meeting was held on Tuesday 28 th July 2020.
The main outcomes of the meeting are summarized below.

The Methodist Church requires a named person to be “Responsible for Covid-19 safety and safeguarding matters”, subject to the usual approvals this will be Jim Gillings.
Provided that there is no change in Government advice or directions we are delighted to let you know that the proposed date for worship to recommence in the sanctuary is Sunday 4 th October. This is the date recommended by the Circuit Leadership Team. From then preachers will be planned in the circuit.
Nick Rutt and the Audio-Visual team have been authorised to purchase equipment to live stream services from the sanctuary. This will allow those people who cannot attend SMC to watch and hear the service.
The Circuit Leadership Team are in the processes of sourcing suitable equipment to enable those members of the congregation not currently online to access the streamed service. Appropriate training will be provided.
In order that worship is Covid secure the group is following Government and Methodist Church guidelines. We are be required to: –
Limit the number of people attending any one act of worship, to this end a booking system will be required.
Limit the length of worship. Singing will not be allowed
Follow Track and Trace regulations
Ensure that the congregation is socially distanced during worship
Control entry to and exit from the building and movement within church.
This will mean that there will be no time to talk to friends inside the
Ensure appropriate cleanliness of the building. Provide hand sanitizers

We are working on these areas, (and more), and undertaking risk assessments of our new procedures.
Once we have finalized a Covid safe way of worshiping we will write to the congregation to ensure that everyone knows what to expect from worship and how the services will run during these difficult times.
We understand that October seems a long way away and that many of you are longing to worship again in person at SMc. Please be assured that we are following the advice that we have been given to ensure that when we do meet again everyone will be as safe as possible.
God Bless
(Jim Gillings)