Creation embroidery


The Creation Embroidery provides a constantly developing interpretation for the viewer.

The purpose

We wanted the embroidery to reflect God’s activity in creation and environment, to encompass the physical and spiritual dimensions of human life, and to evoke worship. The choice of this theme was influenced by our concern for the planet and concern for the place of humankind in the whole of God’s creation.

The making

The artists invited to study our commission were Angela Dewar and Gisela Banbury who have worked together since 1978 as ecclesiastical designers and embroiderers. Their work has been placed in churches of all denominations.

The embroidery is made entirely of silk, with a strong man-made furnishing fabric backing, and is mounted in seven panels on aluminium frames. Appliqué and free machine embroidery techniques, with a variety of threads (some space-dyed) were used. It took 9 months to complete.

The end result

The symbolism of the images provide a constantly developing interpretation for each person who views it. The central glow of the setting or rising sun can indicate death and resurrection. The light and warmth of the sun glance on moon and stars, fish and birds, landscape and trees. Human habitation, emerging from dark to light, contains a Salisbury signature. There are the outlines of familiar architecture in the city. Colour changes across the seven panels from a dark blue night to a light blue day.

We’re sure that when you see this unique work you will, like many before you, wonder at its size, the complexity of its craftsmanship, and its compelling colour. You will be drawn to look for patterns, images, even meaning and interpretation.

The embroidery hangs in our church and we welcome all to come and see it.