CHYPS (Children and Young People)

CHYPS………….Is Back!

After months of lockdown, it has been a great joy to have our young people back in our Sunday services – and back in CHYPS. We are particularly pleased to welcome new families to the church, and new faces to both CHYPS groups.
The time that has passed means that we now have a larger group of older children, and we face again the challenge of making Sundays both enjoyable and relevant for them.
The younger group is smaller at the moment, and the children themselves younger, but it’s still important to occupy them so that their parents can participate in worship.

CHYPS is a part of our morning service

Unless the service is all age or a communion service, they leave the morning service for their own worship after about 15 mins.

If it’s a communion service, then they begin with their own worship, and return for the communion at which children are welcome.