CHYPS (Children and Young People)

CHYPS is for young people

CHYPS is a part of our morning service

Unless the service is all age (usually the third Sunday of the month) or a communion service, the children stay in the morning service for  about 15 minutes, and then leave for their own activities in the hall with our volunteer leaders.

If it’s a communion service, then the children gather in the church but leave at the start of the service, and return in time for communion. (All are welcome to communion, including children).

So far in 2022 we have had some Sundays with activities based on the bible readings for that week, but we have also looked at the stories of Abraham and Moses, and  at Jesus’ journey to Jerusalem in preparation for Easter.

During the summer our numbers are often reduced (because people go on holiday!), and there will be more All-Age Services when CHYPS does not meet:

June 19th

July 24th & 31st

August 14th, 21st and 28th.

Young people are of course still welcome in these services, because they are for all ages.