Welcome to SMC Guest Wi-Fi

Please read and agree our Wi-Fi policy terms

Using SMC Wi-Fi

The Methodist Trustees are responsible for Salisbury Methodist Church building.  We provide Wi-Fi which you are welcome to use providing you follow these rules. If you are uncertain about any of these you should read the full Guest Wi-Fi Policy which is available from the Church Office.

By using Wi-Fi provided by us you are agreeing to follow these rules.

  1. Use by any child or young person must be approved by their parent/guardian
  2. We provide Wi-fi ‘as is’ without any guarantee of connectivity reliability or privacy.
  3. We do not monitor your use and we are not responsible for anything you obtain or download from the internet.
  4.  You are responsible for your use of our Wi-Fi and for the safety and security of your own device against any viruses or other hostile programmes.
  5.  Use the Wi-Fi responsibly:  do not stream or access data or services that require large amounts of data, and can slow down other users.
  6. Do not use the Wi-Fi to do anything unlawful, fraudulent or harmful to others or their devices.
  7. Don’t access or send anything obscene, abusive, threatening, hateful or discriminatory.
    • Don’t bully or harass anyone.
    • Don’t encourage anyone else to do any of these things.
  8. If your use of our Wi-Fi causes harm to someone else, you are responsible.
  9. Stay safe, and do your best to keep others safe.

To see the full policy, please Click Here