Eco Church – Recycling

See for a full list of what can be left for kerbside recycling and what can be taken to household recycling centre.


Where it can be recycled

Soft plastic packaging plastic wrap, crisp packets, plastic bags, bread bags, pouches with this symbol Any large supermarket
Blister Packs Superdrug Box at the back in

Old George Mall store only

Avon Lodge Vets , Stratford Road

Batteries Supermarkets, Electronic retailers, or in a sealed plastic bag on top of your black bin
Make up and Toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes mascaras, compacts,liners, lip products, tubes eg foundation, vitamin tubs Boots


Make up  mascaras, liners, lip products, tubes eg foundation Superdrug
Pens Here at SMC


Water filters Well Natural


Duvets, pillow, linens Dunelm
Printer cartridges Here at SMC


Mobile phones Paul Butler at SMC

Jewellery, watches, old and foreign currency also collected for Christain Aid

Glasses Specsavers
Clothes Handbags, Belts and shoes Charity shops Saleable condition

Cotswold Any condition

M and S Any condition

Plastic flower pots Household Recycling Centre in Hard Plastics
Stamps SMc welcome area box
Lightbulbs and Fluorescent Tubes  incandescant bulbs are not recycled and go in waste. Household Recycling Centre Bin at the far end

B &Q Box near checkouts

Electronic items Household Recycling Centre

Currys Any. You get a £5 voucher redeemable for a purchase over £25

B&Q, Robert Dyas, John Lewis etc also but with conditions

Household Paint Household Recycling Centre if still useable there’s a collection point for use by others
Used compost bags Wilton Garden Centre
Bras Here at SMC
Pool accessories such as goggles, floats, armbands and swim caps Five Rivers leisure centre


Here are some ways to dispose of items that for some reason you cannot take to a charity shop

I like using this. It’s amazing what some people will appreciate! e.g. I had two cricket helmets which I knew had been hardly used but charity shops are not allowed to sell. I took a photo, posted the details, received a couple of email replies, picked the most convenient one and left them by our back gate on a certain afternoon for collection. It’s aworldwide group designed to keep useable items out of landfill. Each local group is moderated by local volunteers and membership is free.Have a look at the posts to see the sort ofthings that are offered or wanted.

If you have special items to sell then eBay can work for you. Once you understand the system it is very simple but you have to be prepared to link it to a PayPal account, reply to sometimes annoying questions during the period of the auction (usually 7 days) and package your item up shortly after it sells. eBay do help you with this by providing a simple postage guide with discounted prices and at a click will print off the address label with the postage already paid. You choose the price to start the auction at, although eBay do suggest a price based on previous sales. When the item sells,eBay take 10% of the sale price

You can call the council 0300 456 0102to arrange for a collection of a single large item from outside your property.The current charge is £25.30 per item.

Generally you expect the person to come and collect as you don’t want to get involved with delivery. I tried registering and it’s very easy. It has the advantage over eBay in that it is free. ‘For Sale’ ads remain active for 30 days

Sometimes these are the best solution. We had a very large mahogany display cabinet which we sent to Netherhampton. Big old brown furniture does not sell well but the sale did at least cover the cost of the man with a van to get it there-as the auctioneer told us it would
or  Wooley and Wallis.

I don’t know anything about the antique shop in Catherine Street but here are the details
01722 326033